Create Your Poster – Step by Step

How to create the best results for a poster using a smart phone. Please download the Be The Star Posters app available to download from the relevant app store:

Please follow our tips below to achieve the best picture that you can upload for our team to start working on your design.

Please note: The better quality image you provide to us the better the final product will be.

The points below are for those using smart phones to obtain portrait shots. iPhone 7 / Galaxy S8 smart phones will give the best results.

Certain portrait images provided will only be suitable for A4 print size.

1. Daylight – Please take the picture outside in normal daylight.

2. Sunlight – Keep sunlight away from the face of the person you are taking the picture of. A nice shaded area will work fine rather than then facing the sun squinting or having part of their face in the shade.

3. Distance – We get our best results with waist up shots of the player. Please use our app to give you an idea of distance that is ideal for us.

4. Background – If you can keep the background clear and one colour such as a wall (not the colour of their kit!) that works great! The busier the picture (stuff going on in the background) the harder it becomes to obtain a great design.